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Our purpose is to reduce poverty and build gender equity by providing networking, professional mentoring, and education to individuals experiencing economic hardship. We do this by removing employment barriers, job training, and support in finding sustainable employment.

Participants will receive a minimum of 1-year support and connection to professional experts in the areas of business and career mentoring, resume review and writing services, personal finance education and support, education about homeownership, and assistance in locating relevant resources such as insurance, professional attire, along with services such as career advancement opportunities, AND SO MUCH MORE. 

All projects are charitable in nature and fall in line with section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status for our sponsors, donors and grantors. 

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WIN-Spirations is on a mission to empower lives through the WIN Resource Center and WIN Workforce Development Program, and YOUR support can make all the difference.

WIN Resource Center: More than just a space, it's a haven for change! Your donation helps support a location dedicated to providing affordable, appropriate professional clothing for men & women in need. Imagine the impact of giving someone the confidence to ace that job interview!

WIN Workforce Development Program: Everyone deserves the opportunity to build a brighter future through meaningful employment. Our Workforce Development Program equips individuals with the skills and support they need to secure sustainable jobs. Your contribution to WIN-Spirations this Giving Tuesday directly fuels personal and professional development through mentorship and education.

WIN Resource Center's Tech Hub: Picture a safe space where individuals can utilize technology and services to STEP UP & STEP AHEAD in their professional lives. Your donation supports this crucial initiative, bridging the digital divide and empowering individuals to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.


Individuals experiencing homelessness or poverty.

Those in transition or crisis.

Those having difficulty advancing their careers.

Those experiencing hardship due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Those who are interested in furthering their education, on any level.


Referrals from our partner organizations and nonprofits.

Those identified through our vast social network.

Website applications submitted.

Targeted screening through identified economical impact areas.

Local community leaders.


WIN-Spiration efforts will be focused in economically challenged areas in WPA area - Allegheny, Washington and Westmoreland Counties.  While we will not turn anyone away, we will make available as many scholarships as possible to participate in the programming at little to no-cost based on our grant-funding and donations.

Areas targeted with consideration for current completed impact surveys.

GOAL: Support partner nonprofits and organizations

GOAL: Mentor individuals through our WIN-Spirations program

GOAL: Provide networking and education opportunities for those experiencing financial hardship

GOAL: Program participants will participate in assessments, coaching and training to identify their job-fit in the market.

GOAL: Provide monthly programming specific to the needs of sponsored participants for personal and professional development.


WIN provides our network of professional women with an opportunity to engage in multiple levels of personal and professional development. Our educational programs include training programs, panel discussions, ebooks, and many other useful tools to help our members find the right career, the first time. Complimentary tools and resources guide members in their vision for their future.


Sponsored members will receive full complimentary access to a career pathways tool; providing an in-depth planning and personal assessment used as an educational and career planning tool to help discover what career possibilities best suit them. Research shows when you find the right career match, your probability for success and satisfaction increases dramatically. 


Most people can expect to make many changes during their working lives.  We prepare women to be a step ahead of everyone else by providing key knowledge that drives a quality, core education or directs them to transition to a better, happier career path.  We will provide tools to help them gather the information needed for a qualified resume that will help the sponsored member to stand out from the rest.


We also support and collaborate with organizations &  nonprofits with similarly aligned goals. These endeavors create a mentorship community that benefits participants while also supporting and furthering the mission of partner organizations. 

Organizations we have supported recently include:

Sisters Place

Treasure House Fashions

Dress for Success

Veterans Place of Washington Boulevard


Children’s Home & Lemieux Family Center

No Kid Hungry

When She Thrives

The Alignment Chapter

I Support the Girls

Food Banks


Whispering Force

Digital Bridges Pittsburgh

Riverview Children’s Center

Veterans Leadership Program

Face 2 Face Healing

Sage's Army

Equity & Diversity

WIN is committed to fostering Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion both in our organizational practices, programming and at all our events by:

Welcoming individuals of all backgrounds as equals, we always make room at the table and encourage participation from individuals of all walks of life. 
We do this through:
  • conducting outreach that includes underserved populations, 
  • hosting events in a variety of locations, 
  • hosting events at accessible locations, 
  • including funds in our budget to provide transportation to WIN-Spiration participants.  

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