The WIN Workforce Development Program (WDP)

The WIN Workforce Development Program (WDP) seeks to address the economic hardships faced by individuals by providing comprehensive job training and placement assistance. This supports economically challenged individuals, including those with mental health diagnoses, intellectual disabilities, individuals dealing with substance abuse or in early recovery, and those at risk of homelessness.

The program's goal is to provide job training and placement assistance to economically challenged individuals, empowering them to secure sustainable employment. The objectives include:

Ø  Providing participants with education, training, and job-preparedness.

Ø  Connecting participants with appropriate job opportunities.

Ø  Developing opportunities for ongoing support and financial stability.

Ø  Providing access to technology and services in a safe and professional environment.

Ø  Offering access to appropriate professional clothing, shoes, accessories, and job-appropriate items.

Ø  Facilitating reintegration into the workforce through socialization.


Allegheny County:  WIN Resource Center 228 West 7th Avenue, Tarentum, PA 15084.

(WIN Clothing Boutique for Men & Women, Technology Center)

Westmoreland County:   WIN Workforce Development Center, 240 Tollgate Hill Road, Greensburg, PA 15601


Workforce Development Program Director

Dawn Pomaybo


Workforce Development Coordinator

Michael A. Zolnierczyk


Workforce Development Program Assistant

Jamie Tarn-Burger



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