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When Your Child is Scared, Imagery Empowers Them

6 Oct 2020 9:07 PM | Sanna Carapellotti

When kids feel scared or have pain, they can be taught to use the imagination to sooth anxieties, reduce stress, and feel calmer.
While some problems, require additional help, when children fall and get scraped, have a medical procedure, or feel upset, teaching them to use mind power is an empowering way to teach them self-mastery.

A 5-year-old child was described as being very nervous about an upcoming surgery, according to her mother. When I did breakdown tapping with her, we discovered that her worries were about missing her birthday, not the surgery or anticipatory pain. (The surgery was scheduled on her birthday.)
Going to surgery distressed decreases immunity, increases pain, and the risk of complications. It is critical to go to surgery empowered.
I taught her a fantasy play technique that brought her lots of joy and relief. It was simple enough for the little girl to do without anyone’s help, and that built her confidence too!
Blowing Out the Candles can be used for any distress, including releasing fears. In this case, here's what we did together:

I asked the child to hold up six fingers. Next, we 'lit' every finger with a little ball of sunshine. She wiggled the tip of each finger to 'light the birthday candles.'
Next, she made six wishes, one for each finger.
Finally, I showed her how to take a big breath in, and to breathe out slowly. In this way she could blow out each sun-lit candle to make sure she could make her wish. (Extending the exhale reduces anxiety!)
By the time she finished blowing out the candles, she was completely relaxed and anxiety was reduced to a zero. I guided her to imagine that her entire family, friends, dolls, and classmates were surrounding her as she went to surgery.
When the mom called me after surgery, apparently, the little girl blew out finger candles with so many staff members that she could barely stay awake while waiting in the pre-op unit. The little girl created joy with her surgical team... and her condition improved faster than expected.
This technique can be used for any mental or physical stress. They can be taught to blow out anger, worry, and pain. This is one example of how to help children have fun, to build resilience and to feel better, when stressed! Try it with your children and grandchildren!
After all, imagination is real, right?


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