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Get Creative With Your Greens

16 Jun 2020 7:12 AM | Maria Allshouse

Green vegetables are known for their optimal nutrients and vitamins to help keep us healthy. Packed with Vitamin K and Folate, their benefits are linked to weight management and healthy brain function. However, when most people think of green vegetables, they automatically think “salad”.

There are actually many other options for adding more green vegetables to your diet. Here are some creative ways to incorporate more greens aside from a salad:

  • Breakfast. A good source of protein to start your day provides satiation and a boost to your metabolism. So add chopped greens to your scrambled eggs or omelet.

  • Kale chips. After washing your kale, simply remove the stems and cut the leaves into bite size pieces. After coating lightly in a extra light virgin olive oil and sea salt, bake until the edges have begun to brown, approximately 10 – 15 minutes, and you’ll have your serving of vegetables in a light, crunchy snack. 
  • Lettuce wraps. Put a healthy spin on your taco by spooning a lean protein and healthy condiments into a romaine or butter lettuce leaf.
  • Pesto. Pesto is traditionally made with basil, but kale and spinach are excellent substitutes and an easy way to get an extra serving of greens in your meal.

  • Garnish. Finely shred your greens and sprinkle them as a garnish on your dish. A tasty combination includes broccoli, watercress, and parsley.

  • Zoodles. Substitute your pasta for zucchini noodles, or Zoodles! These noodles are made by using a Spiralizer or peeler to cut the zucchini into thin strips. Many grocery stores also have fresh or frozen Zoodles! Add in your healthy protein and you’ll have a delicious pasta alternative in no time.

As you can see, not loving a traditional salad doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your vegetables. You can still nourish your body with plenty of greens. Alternatively, if you love salad, you can still try something new and mix up your mealtime routine.

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