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❤️ A 1000 Healings a Day To Increase EVERYTHING!

26 Apr 2020 8:42 PM | Sanna Carapellotti

Imagine that a physician hands you a prescription recommending “1000 healings a day.”

You might think, “ahh, alriiiight,” but what if she is on to something!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that stress accounts for 80% of visits to a primary care physician. If stress hurts our health, is it safe to speculate that love, joy, happiness, and connection may be the antidote to improve our health, immunity, and life, in general?


Research tells us that our cells are shaped from the outside in, referring to the power of thought and attitudes, including hormonal patterns, early programming, and epi-genetics.

This research is great news because we are no longer 100% tethered to genetics!

We can consciously become aware of our internal worlds to deliberately shift our states. We are hardwired to change our minds in an instant because the mind-body system responds at lightening speed.

Let’s say you are feeling blue and an old friend calls. You instantly lift out of the emotional low and feel happy!

However, we don't have to wait for an external event to change our internal states.

YOU can create a just-right, feel-good state anytime you want!

Because my work centers on healing and transformation, some time ago, I questioned if we had to wait until we are ‘healed’ to have authentic feel-good emotions. No. No. No, we do not.

Because of the brain’s negative bias, it searches automatically for the negative, the worst-case scenario, and perpetuates the sob story with great ferver. So it can seem like quite the task.

I am here to say that you can expand your wellbeing today. 

With conscious awareness and intentional searches for the good, you can tune into the incredible world around you and take it in.

Life is full of love, surprises, inspirations, beauty, and awe. You miss out on so many small wondrous moments when you stay in your head and eyes down to the phone.

Who hasn’t breathed in the scent of a rose and felt its beauty?

You might say, ‘I do appreciate good things!’ However, we flit, flit, flit from one thing to another without taking a rightfully deserved pause to enjoy a moment.

Beauty-in becomes your beauty and nourishes your cells and can change a moment.

How To Have 1000 Healings A Day

The first step is to consciously look out for sensory-based experiences, which include any sensory input - sight, sound, movement, smell, taste, body sensation, and emotions. 

Consider simple everyday occurrences, things around you, moments of surprise, or when you feel an emotion of joy, contentment, love, an item you love, etc.

Anything that makes you feel good, smile, or connect more deeply.

Next, stay with the experience for 20 or 30-seconds to allow time for the hormonal flow of wellbeing to circulate to your cells. If you are laughing, laugh a little longer.

Expand. Your. Positivity. 

===> You hear birds chirping, stop for a few seconds, and listen.

===> You are sitting at your desk, and the smell of dinner is wafting through the house. Sit back and breathe it in.

===> You read an inspiring Facebook post, and you focus on what it means to you.

The opportunities are unlimited and are very important. WHY?

Because right now, in-shelter we are missing our lives to varying degrees. Maybe you have learned to appreciate small things, like grabbing a coffee with a friend or hugging someone. 

Truth is, we forget, and over time, we risk living disconnected and returning to the flit. 

The other day I spent a few minutes watching two little girls laughing and rolling in the grass. It reminded me of a time when Anna, our daughter, and I laughed so hard we were crying.

Taking time to take in the good accumulates cellular wellbeing. Who doesn't want to feel more joy so simply?

Here's a little secret: once you get into this healing habit, you will find yourself open to wanting to experience more and more good moments… and soon you will have 1000 healings every day!

It is a Great Day for a Change - Yours!

Sanna Carapellotti. MS, Cht.                                             412.344.2272                                                                 

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