Are you priced out of Pittsburgh real estate?

2 Aug 2021 9:35 PM | Janette Schafer

Two months ago, I met a young couple whose lives were in full bloom.  They were college sweethearts who became engaged this spring.  Each had landed a promising new career in the fields of their choice.  They felt only one thing was missing:  a new home.

After a few months of searching on their own, they were no closer to buying than when they started.  The homes they fell in love with were out of their price range.  Houses that were in their desired spending scope were dilapidated or far from move-in ready.  Rent wasn't giving them equity and they knew they'd pay out less every month if they had a mortgage.

A friend of theirs suggested they work with a realtor so they wouldn't have to navigate this ever-changing market alone.  After speaking with them about their home buying priorities, I suggested they look outside of Pittsburgh.  While they would need more gas for their cars, the $1000 they'd save in housing every month would certainly make up for it.  There's also more inventory 20-25 miles from the metro area.  They found the move-in ready home of their dreams and it was well below budget.  Their commute to downtown Pittsburgh was still under an hour.  They couldn't be more happy.

If you are struggling to find a home purchase, consider broadening your horizons!

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