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Are you getting enough water?

15 Mar 2021 1:01 PM | Maria Allshouse

As we approach the Spring and Summer seasons, better hydration means better health and fitness performance. 

What you may  not realize is that we lose nearly 12 cups of water every day. Yes, it's true. The body loses water during sleep in various ways like sweating, breathing out moisture, and the processing of urine in the kidneys.

The recommended daily intake of water is approximately 64 ounces or eight, 8- ounce glasses daily. Those who are more active will have different needs based on individual level of activity.

Water has many benefits that you may or not may be aware of. Here are a few:

  • It's calorie free and it helps you feel full  and satisfied.
  • It's a critical component of your body, making up between 55 and 60% of your weight.
  • It keeps you from overeating. Studies have shown that when we feel hungry, 30% of the time our bodies are actually  signaling for water.
  • Water removes toxins such as pesticides and preservatives from our cells.
  • It prevents dehydration and eliminates excess salt and water from a diet too high in processed foods.
  • It minimizes fatigue, lack of energy, headaches, and brain fog.
  • It helps with metabolism. A recent study showed that drinking two 8-ounce glasses of cold water increased metabolic rate by 30% for 90 minutes.
  • It helps your liver convert fat to energy.
  • It compensates for the loss of glycogen stores if you are in a weight loss phase.

In addition, water doesn’t just come from the tap. The foods you eat can help you meet 20 percent or more of your daily hydration needs—particularly fresh fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, sweet peppers, cucumber, tomato, celery, oranges, peaches, and berries.

Now that you understand the importance of hydration, how are you doing with your intake and what healthy choices are you making to properly hydrate?

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