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Sanna Carapellotti


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Life Changing Energy Therapies
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It's a great day for a change -- yours!
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43 Hoodridge Dr
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When talking isn't enough, experience Life Changing Energy Therapies! "You can heal anything" and "you have the solutions within you" are the beliefs that guide my work with adults and children.
Using energy psychology approaches, such as Emotional Freedom Technique, HeartMath Stress Solutions, Constellations, and Alchemy, I help clients resolve issues for which they haven't been able to find relief. I work with Medical issues (illness, pain and surgery empowerment), Performance (Athletics and testing), Eating (junk food termination), and stress (current, childhood, and inherited trauma).
My work includes healing and practical education to manage emotions and to build resiliency.
I lead a retreat (From Hurt To Healed), work privately, and speak to groups and corporations.
Guided audios can be found on I have been featured in national magazines, such as Dance Magazine, for my pioneering work with dancers, including prima ballerinas from top companies.
I teach yoga at a local country club and do private classes at my home studio.
Personally, I study a lot, lead a holistic lifestyle, and watch movies to escape.
"Sanna is brilliant in her work." Valerie Donaldson, MD

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